On May 15, 2013 Cynthia L. Nobles from The Advocate wrote an interesting article about how the Ancient Greeks used mint in their daily lives:


“The strong-smelling herb was believed to have phenomenal powers, and Greek athletes rubbed bruised leaves on their skin after bathing to increase strength. In Rome, Pliny advocated that students wear wreaths of mint to sharpen the mind, and senators wore sprigs of the aromatic plant, believing it helped their oratory skills and controlled tempers.

Both Greeks and Romans flavored drinking water with refreshing mint and steeped it in their baths. Slaves drank a tonic made from barley water flavored with mint, and ancient Hebrews used the sweet-smelling herb to freshen stale synagogue floors. After the Romans brought mint to Europe, the people of the Middle Ages used the stems and leaves for insect bites and digestive problems. It purified drinking water that had turned sour on long ocean voyages, and it also, ta-dah! — freshened breath and whitened teeth.

Colonists brought peppermint and spearmint to our shores for making both medicine and an untaxed and refreshing tea. Menthol gives mint its characteristic cool, yet warming and sharp smell and taste, and this powerful volatile oil is what makes our lips tingle when we use mouth fresheners and eat mint candies. Peppermint, in particular, is extremely strong, with just 1 pound of the fresh herb flavoring more than 135,000 sticks of gum.” (Read Article Here)  Peppermint Jim says that when using our oil it will make 130,000 sticks of chewing gum with only one tablespoon of Peppermint Jim’s oil!  This goes to show that using mint oil is not some “New Age” or “Hippie” thing to do but rather a preferred method dating back to the Ancient Greeks!  Why not stock up on some Peppermint Jim mint oil today!  (Shop Here)