Peppermint Jim would like you to meet his friend,

Executive Chef Nick Nicklosovich aka “Chef Nick”

Executive Chef “Nick” Nicklosovich is a Culinary Professor at both Lansing Community College and the Art Institute of Detroit/Novi. On May 7, 2013 he passed his test and is now a Nationally Certified Executive Chef!  He is known for being a humanitarian, an educator, a volunteer and a great friend of Peppermint Jim.

Fun fact: Together, Peppermint Jim and Chef Nick won the World’s Record for the largest slab of fudge!

Here’s that fudge we told you about!! In 2009, Peppermint Jim and Chef Nick Nicklosovich made headlines as Certified Guinness World Record Holders for creating the world’s largest slab of fudge. The end result weighed 5,200 pounds and was made at Lansing Community College West Campus, Conference Services, Delta Township, Michigan, USA, on June 29, 2009.  It took 24 hours to make and the proceeds of this event went to LCC scholarships for underprivileged children.

I am a Culinary Professor at both Lansing Community College and the Art Institute of Detroit/Novi. On my days off, I enjoy being a substitute educator through the Principal Education Service Group (PESG) of Michigan, for all Michigan school districts. It has been mentioned that I am “very active in our community” (Radio, 2010) and make a difference in many people’s lives. I am a Humanitarian, an educator, a volunteer, and believe in paying it forward. I have 2 non-profit organizations, one works with abused & battered women and children. The other helps college students with text books by giving discounts on their books, with the education and understanding of paying it forward. I want to do great things for the community I live in and care about. In 2009/ 2010 I was the host of a cooking show called chef nick’s market meals working with local farmers markets in greater Lansing. Many times in my career I have worked with different food banks and served food to the homeless and the elderly, knowing the same line one day may only be a pay check away.

Have you heard of the Traveling Stone Soup Event? Both Peppermint Jim and Chef Nick have put their “humanitarian minds” together in creating this heartfelt event to give back to the community..

I believe that every child, no matter of their past should have a fair chance to gain their education. One way I help students is by being a mentor for the High School completion program. A great local program in Michigan I work with is through Lansing Community College (LCC) helping students earn a GED. Over the past several years, I have witnessed the need to educate young children about healthy eating habits. So, I write 2 different food columns for kids healthy eating. One such food column is with (momseveryday, 2012) where I talk about healthy nutrition recipes. I remember back in 2009 being asked if I would go up for public auction to raise scholarship money for kids in need as a celebrity chef for the LCC Christmas Gala. Being the outgoing type that I am, I remember I was embarrassed as I walked up on that stage during the auction, however overcame the public display knowing it was for the kids and have done the event year after year. I have heard it mentioned everyone gets 15 minutes in the spot light, sometimes I feel I have hogged more than my share. One event I do four times a year is being the guest Chef Professor at the Tri County High School Career Expo, getting kids excited about education in culinary arts and their path to college. I am a supporter of any foundation that works with the advancement of children and the elderly. Such as Lansing’s Old Town society who featured me in a cooking demo to raise awareness for the Big Brothers & Big Sisters of Old Town. I have even dressed up in a baby blue polyester suit from the 1970’s to do Lip syncing for charity. (chefnick1000, 2009).

I am most passionate about anything and everything local. Especially food! I work with all the local farmer’s markets, including Lansing’s brand new facility right downtown, as well as participating in a salsa challenge at Lansing’s Southside Market. In August, I supported a local farmer, Peppermint Jim of Crosby Mint Farms in St. Johns, to save his farm and business from foreclosure and made a good friend in the process. I have always made an impression with people of all ages, even politicians! At a retirement picnic of the UAW, I worked with Senators, mayors, our governor, and State Representatives, as well as other local leaders to brainstorm on ideas to bring awareness to when it comes to our senior citizens in need in our local area. I have been a guest judge for the Michigan Apple Pie Competition in Frankenmuth to raise awareness of sustainability. (apple, 2009)

To make sure I maintain the need for education in the public eye, I am the spokesperson for the Michigan Apple Committee and The State of Michigan. I give lectures to talk about Michigan Products by keeping, buying, and supporting local. I was honored when asked to be on ABC’s TV Network, Fox TV network and many local radio stations, which gave me an avenue to get the word out. I have had a long career in the culinary field for the past 24 years, enjoying most of my time. It has been with hard work and the help of many supporters that I have become the person I am today. I had a chance of a life time and jumped at it when asked to cook with my idol Julia Childs, while in college at Johnson & Wales University. While working for Michigan State University during the 2005 commencements I also cooked for President Bill Clinton. I had the great pleasure of working with the Special Olympics Basketball buddies out of Grand Rapids during their annual pie fundraiser. I support and work closely with the Black Child Family Institute (BCFI) of greater Lansing and have made wonderful friends during the BCFI annual black tie affair. As a goal of mine, One day I hope to sit on the board for the BCFI and be able to help BCFI grow, by bringing the lifelong knowledge I have gained.

I remember growing up very poor as boy and our daily struggles getting food. Like clockwork, twice a month we had to stand in line for government cheese, powder milk and rice. Although that government chees has to be some of the best cheese I can remember eating in my life, it was these memories that gave me the drive to help others. I sit on several executive boards, Gateway/crossroads, senate committee, Greater Lansing Labor Board, the Board of the Principal Shopping District (PSD)/ Downtown Lansing Inc. as yet another way to give back. In 2009 I held the first annual Downtown Lansing food fight, the fight against hunger in our community and raised 1400 pounds of food and almost $400 in cash donations in 6 hours. As each year passes, the event gets larger and more successful. The PSD and I had our fourth annual fight for hunger in December, 2012. The food fight is the most successful, single 1 day food drive for the Michigan Food Bank this is just my way of saying thank you for all that great cheese. I also work with some local inner city churches to raise awareness of the kids in our city, by cooking at inner city luncheons. The All Nations Inner City Church children love me, and were proud to support me in achieving a World Record and making it into the Guinness Books of World records for the largest slab of fudge the summer of 2009 (LCC1957, 2009). All 5,500 pounds of fudge were sold for charity.

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