Warmer weather means showing off your pedicure!  Did you know you can use your Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil for this?  I like to first soak my feet in Epson salt with a few drops of Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil drizzled over and for softening a little coconut oil.  Add the warm water and simply soak away stress while you detoxify and soften your feet.  After about 10 minutes you can remove any callus with the help of a pumice stone.  Finish up by massaging a few drops of Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil with a carrier oil such as olive oil, coconut oil or lotion directly into your feet and nails.  Deena Campbell from Essence.com shares her helpful DIY tips and also agrees with the benefits of using Peppermint essential oil. (Read Here)  If toenail fungus wants to make you hide your feet, never fear…Peppermint Jim is here!  “The general resistance of essential oils to fungus is well documented and peppermint oil is no exception”.  A recent article by the Global Healing Center cites several studies that back this up.  (Read Here)  Get your Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil today!