Bob Weinstein from “Living Better” recently wrote an article about waging war on summer pests using safe, non-toxic concoction to remove these unwelcome visitors.  (Read article here) He states, “Peppermint oil, a best kept secret, is very fragrant to humans, but acts as a repellent to most insects, mice and fleas”  Have you tried Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint Oil to protect yourself from mosquitoes, spiders, ants, fleas and yes MICE?  You can soak a cotton ball in peppermint oil and place in the problem area to remove spiders, ants and mice or you can add 30-50 drops to 32 oz. spray bottle and spray where needed.  For warding off mosquitoes we suggest using our pre-made misters or making your own rub with Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil and any carrier oil such as almond oil.  If you have already gotten bitten and need to stop that itch, we also suggest applying Peppermint Jim’s Peppermint oil topically to reduce swelling and stop the itch.  (Purchase Here)