A recent article in Home & Garden written by Bridget Rogers states “Fragrant to the nose of human beings, and appalling to insects Peppermint oil has a wide range of medicinal uses that span throughout history, and it can also protect you against those pesky winged bloodsuckers”. “Mix peppermint oil with rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and sprinkle on your clothes, household plants, and even on your pets”. “If you choose to use it on your skin, make sure you spread the solution after spraying by rubbing it to avoid irritation”. “You can combine peppermint oil with other insect repellent oils such as lemon eucalyptus to further enhance its efficacy and protection time. Oil derived from vitamin E capsules can also be included in this solution so your skin becomes soft and smooth when applied, without compromising its repelling capabilities”. “Do not overuse peppermint oil as it can eventually irritate skin, and always wash your skin with hot water upon returning home to remove all traces of the oil”.  Read entire article (HERE) Buy your peppermint oil (HERE)