of WWLP  News  recently wrote a fantastic article about controlling sugar cravings.  She cites a study done by researchers at Wheeling Jesuit University.   (Read article HERE) Researchers have found a way to counteract the cravings by sniffing peppermint!  In the study, volunteers sniffed peppermint every two hours or do nothing at all. “The peppermint sniffers were not as hungry as non-sniffers and -this is big – they ate 2800 fewer calories in a week. That’s enough to lose close to one pound each week. Researchers say the peppermint distracts you from your hunger pains and as a result you eat less! In addition peppermint could help control emotional eating. Now, eating peppermint candy or chewing peppermint gum does NOT work as well. It is best to buy peppermint oil and dab it on your wrist so you can easily sniff it or buy a peppermint inhaler”.  Be sure to buy your peppermint from America’s Favorite Mint Farmer, Peppermint Jim.  (Order HERE)