Do you LOVE outdoor adventures, but hate dealing with mosquitoes?  You are not alone.!  Your first and best defense is to protect yourself.  This means covering as much of your exposed skin as possible…this means wearing long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, as well as shoes and socks, even gloves and a hat!  Whew, hopefully you won’t overheat!  Another popular choice is to spray insect repellent on your clothes.  The problem is that most mosquito repellents are caustic, nasty, chemical-filled “insecticides” that we spray or rub right on our skin, trusting they are safe to use. Knowing that our skin absorbs most substances placed on it.  “DEET,” a very effective insecticide, is the primary ingredient to many of the most popular repellents on the market today. At present, it is used in over 200 repellents. However, a study reported by Duke University claims DEET has caused brain cell death and behavioral changes in rats, and in limited military studies shows similar results in human testing. The larger issue was heavy exposure to DEET over long periods of time caused memory loss, lack of muscle control and learning and concentration issues.  Now that sure seems like a big, unnecessary risk to take.  

Peppermint Jim wants you to know that there are other options!   Peppermint essential oil, while unusually fragrant to humans, acts as a repellent to most insects, especially mosquitoes!  You can purchase your pure peppermint oil (here) and read more for instructions on how to use (here).  Finally, a healthier choice for dealing with those annoying mosquitoes!