Enhance your preparedness pack with pure & powerful peppermint oils. No matter what situation you’re in, you’ll need a support line, and our products are here to support you and your family in your time of need.

What is the Peppermint Prepper Pack?

America’s Oldest Independent Mint Choice. Always Made In the USA. Always Non-GMO. Support Small Family Business!

After enduring our own SHTF struggle, we wanted to support others in their own time of need. With three different types of Prepping Packs, you’ll have back up whether you’re Bugging Out, Sheltering in Place, or Hunkering Down.

Watch the video to get the short story of our stuggle, read the details below, and be sure to check out the Peppermint Prepper bundles by clicking through the button below.

We’re America’s Oldest Independent Mint Choice.

My name is Peppermint Jim Crosby. I am a fourth generation Peppermint and Spearmint oil producer, and this year will be our 108th harvest. Our family’s involvement in mint dates back to the early 1900’s – so we are considered to be one of the oldest mint farms in America – both growing mint and producing essential oils on-site.

One of the core tenets our family’s business runs off of is good will. This means we intend to leave the world a better place through sustainability & self-sufficiency. We’ve prepared a great deal of plans for converting our operations in order to meet various scenarios, such as going off-grid – but one scenario we were not prepared for was the near foreclosure of our farm.

Here’s the short story:

  • We went through years of unexpected struggles
  • We wouldn’t have survived if we didn’t have stuff stored away
  • We’re here to help you prepare better with peppermint prepping packs

Keep reading to hear the details…

We were on the brink of losing over 100 years of family history and hard work.

In summary, 15 years ago, when the market crashed in 2007, a series of unfortunate events began to unravel. It began with our company’s value plummeting quickly and us asking to restructure one of our loans. We attended both civil and federal court hearings for three years, our farm was then foreclosed, we were evicted, and the farm was put up for auction. We lost 40 acres and maintained 100 – then, when we thought all was lost and the farm was about to be put on the market, the bank had to offer us one chance to buy it, and we were able to purchase it back.

Near the beginning, within the 30 days window we had to file for protection, the bank convinced the federal judge to freeze our cash collateral, meaning 100% of all farm revenue went to the bank. Our family was left with nothing to live on, unable to pay light and heating bills, and without enough to buy bottle inventory to keep and maintain our customers.

This was tough. We simply couldn’t afford to potentially lose our heritage and our way of life. Yet, we refused to succumb to hopelessness, always keeping the faith.

For 890 days, we lived off of six months worth of food we’d stored away, kept the lights on with back-up generators on and off, bartered, traded, and literally worked the farm 5 gallons of gasoline at a time.

This being the condensed version of our stand in saving and preserving our small American Mint Farm while maintaining our integrity and keeping the faith. While we already had knowledge of prepping and had stored up as much as we could, we had no idea it was happening until it hit. This struggle lasted for 890 days while our family farm was held in limbo, plus some more days working through and out of foreclosure. I don’t know what I would have done, had I not had 450 gallons of gas, 300 gallons of diesel, a stockpile of silver, scrap, and guns to cash in on, all tucked away just in case.

About Prepping With Peppermint

During our struggle, we couldn’t be more thankful for the crop we grow, as the oils are perfect prepping products – and provide the answer to all the situations you may find yourself in during survival situations as listed above. Both peppermint and spearmint have anti-microbial, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory and anti-spasmodic effects!

Unfortunately, while mint has been my family’s way of life for over a century, we have seen some drastic changes. From market changes, to corporate farm production, and two of the greatest disappointments of all – the creation of genetically altered mint which is geared to overproduce and the use of synthetic mint. Peppermint and spearmint are the #1 adulterated oils on the market, as industry standards allow the adulteration of mint oil up to 49% while maintaining the claim of a “pure” mint oil. We refuse to believe that these essential oils are “pure” if nearly 50% of it is made of synthetic content.

What 100% Pure Mint Oil Can Do For You In Survival Situations

  • Stress relief & relaxation is rare in these cases – but you’ll sure need it
  • Nausea, stomach upset, heartburn, and other internal discomforts may appear with stress
  • In case of headaches, bruises, burns, itching, and etc, you’ll need topical treatment
  • You’ll need to be self sufficient: if the long term hits, you may need to grow food
  • Keep things disinfected! Cleanliness is key

Peppermint Is For Preppers

As peppermint people, we have a solution for you. If you want to be prepared in case the worst happens, you can do so by supporting America’s Oldest Independent Mint Choice with the purchase of a Peppermint Prepper Pack. And, if you’d like a discount, we offer $5 off when you sign up for our newsletter. You’ll get an email with a coupon code, and a link to our huge A-Z Historical Uses for Mint PDF, which has almost endless uses for the oils in your survival pack.

In honor of this intense struggle we went through, we’ve created a special survival kit for those that want to be prepped in the worst-case scenario. Our Peppermint Prepper Pack provides all of these points with potency – it’s got a set of 100% pure peppermint and spearmint oils, as well as our Soil Rejuvenator mint-based fertilizer for growing nutrient dense foods. All three of these products have a 25+ year shelf life!

Thanks for listening, and feel free to reach out with any comments, questions, concerns, or feedback.

Gratitude, Keep the Faith, & Witness Miracles

Peppermint Jim

Add the Peppermint Prepppers Pack To Your Survival Kit!

I keep coming back to your company because it is the best I have found. I love using your mint oil because it helps with sore throats and toothaches. Worth the money.

Len C.

Just talked to my daughter. She is very grateful you suggested using peppermint for easing her chronic bronchitis symptoms. She said she is off all the meds and hasn’t had to use her inhaler in over a month even with all the crap flying around in the air. Woo Hoo! You Rock!

Joyce S.

This peppermint oil is a miracle in a bottle. I always carry mine with me as it cures just about all things that ail me on a daily basis: when I start to get a headache, rubbing some on my forehead clears it right up; if I need a little pick me up, a spot under the nostrils perks me up and the time it takes to clear up my sinuses is like magic. I’m addicted! Oh! And I make the most delicious peppermint mochas with just the smallest drop!

Samburger S.