• Our Minty Soy Wax Candles will make your home glow with happiness! Choose between peppermint,  spearmint, peppermint & sage, or spearmint & eucalyptus.
  • Get Peppermint Jim's limited edition cocoa-mint candle in a re-usable glass mug.  Shopping for gifts?
    • Candle & Soap: Pretty self explanatory. Get our candle, and a cocoa mint soap!
    • Gift Set: Get a cocoa mint candle, our famous 10ml peppermint oil, cocoa-mint lip balm, and our cocoa mint soap
    • Complete Gift Kit: the whole gift set, plus a bag of real minty hot cocoa mix.
    Warm someone's heart with this present for the holidays! Or, just buy the candle alone and enjoy it all yourself ;) Get your order in, before we run out!


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