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Throwback time! In 2008, we crafted a 5,200 lb Guinness World Record-breaking fudge slab. To celebrate our anniversary of the record, this November we’re creating a limited edition run of the same recipe.

What does your order include? One pound of peppermint chocolate fudge –  handcrafted by our team over a 24 hour, round the clock batch process.

Ingredients: milk chocolate, sweetened and condensed milk, salt free butter, peppermint flavor.

But wait – this is a special event! To create this few hundred pound slab, we need to reach a minimum of 200 orders by October 25th. We’ll go into production on November 14th, and ship out all orders between the 15th – 17th. Just in time for the holiday season, and to enjoy on Thanksgiving!

In the event that we don’t reach our minimum, we will refund customers on November 2nd. Your participation means so much to us.

Out of stock

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Can you believe it’s been 14 years since we broke the Guinness World Record for largest slab of fudge?

In 2009, Chef Nick and I worked for 72 hours straight to make a giant slab of fudge to raise funds for college students who lost scholarships due to the economic hit in 2008.

It ended up being 38 feet long, 14 feet wide, and 1 foot thick, weighing a whopping5,200 pounds. That’s a lot of fudge.

The good news is, we finally feel ready to make more!

– Peppermint Jim


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