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Prep yourself with peppermint… and spearmint! 100% pure mint oil is anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-spasmodic… practically anti-everything. Our variety of packs will help you and your family stay safe in case of the unknown, keeping you healthy and self-sufficient, while not taking up too much valuable space in your kit. Comes with FREE EXPEDITED SHIPPING! Wondering why we’re into this? Read our whole prepping story here.

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The value of prepping… Been there, done it, used it, it works! Research shows that Peppermint is the number one value added product for your on the go or med set – as it has an incredibly long shelf life, so many applications, and takes up a small amount of space. Below are some more details on each of the products offered in our Peppermint Prepper packs – read on to discover how these products can enhance your preparedness plan.

Soil Rejuvenator: We learned quickly that in times of struggle, you can only store away so much food. Having the ability to grow food is the best, as fresh vegetables and fruits provide optimal nutrition. With our mint-enhanced fertilizer, soil rejuvenator,  you can easily grow a nutritious garden to help in your time of need. Each of our small white bags can be mixed with 5 gallons of water to create an abundance of compost tea for use as a fertilizer. Excellent for: square foot or container gardening, any soil or growing medium, seeds or starts. Don’t use straight, expect it to smell like mint, or grow mint on it’s own… Get some & get growing!

100% Pure Mint Oil: Both peppermint and spearmint have a bounty of incredible uses – the list could likely go on forever.  Rollers are our convenient applicators for the oils, and can be refilled with the bottles of mint oil.

Lip Balm: Our lip balm is fortified with our 100% pure mint oils, and can double up as a topical treatment when in need. It has a natural sunblock of 6 SPF, and may work well in assisting the healing of canker sores, cold sores, and sun blisters pro-actively. Although, naturally the main use is to keep your lips from chapping, and in doing so, keeping you hydrated. Made with non-petroleum based Vitamin E.

Muscle Rub: Our double-action muscle rub provides the benefits of both peppermint & spearmint: think anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory & so on. This icy-hot salve is made to comfort aches, pains, cuts, scratches, inflammation, rashes, & more, including athelete’s foot as the oils are anti-fungal. The ingredients in this salve are hydrating, so those with dry, cracked skin or eczema can also benefit from using it. If you run out of chapstick, it works on lips too.

Pamphlets: Aside from giving you some creative ideas for mint oil uses, these pamphlets are useful in the case you need to barter in your time of need. We’d recommend bartering mint oil along with the pamphlet so you have some information to give them, backing up the authenticity of your offering.


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