Spearmint Oil



Peppermint Jim’s Farm Distilled Spearmint Oil


Peppermint Jim’s Spearmint Oil is 100% pure, farm distilled spearmint oil. The oil is known for its warmth, and soothing effects. And who knew spearmint oil is such a great laundry helper?


Native Spearmint (Mentha Spicata)

1 x 5 ml (.17 fl oz), 1 x 10 ml (.32 fl oz), or 1 x 30 ml (1 fl oz) of 100% farm distilled oil, grown, distilled and bottled in the USA.

Your order will include an information sheet with suggested uses.

Each bottle has an orifice reducer for easy use and application.

One point of origin.

25+ year shelf life as long as the bottle is sealed tightly.

This product has not been evaluated by the FDA.


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