One of the questions we get the most is, does mint even grow in Tucson’s hot climate?

Mint Farming

Yes! It sure does! We shipped our rootstock in from Michigan, where it was “spoiled” for 60 yearsย  in the rich muck soil of mint valley where our family farm was established in 1912. These roots stem from my grandfather’s time. The beauty of mint is that it is highly adaptable and will grow in most types of soil, if you give it some time and TLC. Like we take it out to dinner every now and then. We give it some shade too.

Mint propagates through its rootstock and as long as you keep that alive, the plant may look dead-ish during dormancy, but will continue to grow and spread. Therefore, unless you want to start your own mint farm, make sure the plants are contained either in pots or by 7 inches deep borders.

Also, the roots do need ample room to grow so if you have potted mint and it starts limping, try transplanting it to a bigger container or spit the roots up.

Another great question we get is; do you sell mint seeds?

Now that you know that mint propagates through its root system, it is much better to ask for the plants or roots to start growing your own. Stores do sell mint seeds and plants may (or may not) grow from these, they may (or may not) produce any flavor. It’s just not the real deal if you get my drift.

Keep those minty questions coming. And stay tuned for more updates on America’s Favorite Mint Farmer!

Best, Peppermint Jim