When I think oils I think Incense, Patchouli, Dreadlocks…
We were on a 4 hour flight next to “Dharma” and she was entirely too chatty for me.
My (far more social) husband entertained her for about 3.5 as I feigned sleep. I heard his voice harden and hers seemed panicked; When I turned it was clear he was motion sick and really close to proving it. She was trying to get him to put these drops under his tongue. NOT going to happen, stranger danger. I finally said firmly “He will NOT be doing that.” She looked wounded and then franticly started digging in her bag. she came up with a peppermint rollerball and said “Just rub it on your hand and smell it: it helps with nausea. He glanced at me clutching the bag with his deep red face pleading with me to make her stop. I said “Try it, whats the worst that can happen?”
INSTANTLY the color started draining from his face and his breathing slowed. He made the descent with his dignity still in tact. I could not stop thanking her. Now before we travel I must get some. Went to a craft fair here in AZ and when we went to purchase it he noticed my cold sore… embarrassing. But no…this was life changing. He told me if I would apply peppermint oil at the first tingle I would never get another. I though hmm, I’ll try it, were getting it anyway. Have not been bothered with one since. My mother showed up with a cold sore and now I am “Dharma”. Love it!