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America’s Oldest Independent Mint Choice

America’s Oldest Independent Mint Choice

Smell, taste, and feel the difference.

0 years
we’ve been running the family farm
farm distilled oils, with organic ethics
0 acres
make up our home farm
0 yr old
spearmint root stock

Thousands of happy peppermint lovers have discovered

Peppermint Jim

I keep coming back to your company because it is the best I have found. I love using your mint oil because it helps with sore throats and toothaches. Worth the money.

Len C.

… I had carpal tunnel surgery in both wrists. As I recovered, my wrists would sometimes hurt. I applied the peppermint oil and after a minute the pain was gone! Β It was amazing! …


…I apply the peppermint chap-stick every night and since I started using it (7 months now), I have not gotten a single cold sore! Β I used to have 3-4 outbreaks a year, so this is really a miracle for me. Thanks again.


Thanks again, Peppermint Jim! Your peppermint soy candle smells amazing; it energizes me & lowers my stress…

Heather S. B.

Discover endless uses for mint

Discover the endless uses for mint

Recipes to quench your excitemint


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